Review: Sex Criminals, vol. 1

Sex Criminals – Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky

9781607069461; LINKcat3767633-01

Two comic-book pros team up for Sex Criminals, an ongoing series that combines the action of superhero comics with the introspection of an art comic.  Suzie and Jon each have one of the weirdest superpowers imaginable: when they orgasm, time stops.  From unsettling masturbation experiences to the disappointment of finishing intercourse with a lover suddenly frozen in time, their strange abilities have alienated them more than they’ve ever aided them.  Now that they know they aren’t alone in the world, however, they’re going to get down to business: It’s time to rob some banks.  Zdarsky’s inventive, colorful art matches the humor of Fraction’s writing, using brilliant swirls of colored light to show the magic of the characters’ climaxes.  There are numerous visual jokes inserted into the landscape, including porno parodies of The Untouchables and Un Chien Andalou, and the characters frequently break the fourth wall to address the reader.  The book features frequent sex, as one might guess from the title, and vulgar language, making it ideal for readers old enough to legally get up to the kinds of things the protagonists do.  For graphic novel fans who aren’t too squeamish about the birds and the bees, however, it’s a can’t-miss title.


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