Review: The Shining Girls [audio recording]

The Shining Girls – Lauren Beukes

Performed by Khristine Hvam, Peter Ganim, Jay Snyder, Joshua Boone, Dani Cervone, and Jenna Hellmuth

9781478950868; LINKcatshining-girls

A stellar audio recording intensifies the horror of Lauren Beukes’ story of a time-traveling serial killer and the “shining girls” he snuffs out.  The Shining Girls‘ ensemble cast employs a variety of accents to portray the myriad characters who narrate the book’s chapters, who range from an African-American mother in World War II to a world-weary sports reporter trudging through the early 1990s.  Standouts include Peter Ganim, reading volatile murderer Harper Curtis, who sounds a hair’s breadth away from shouting at the listener at any given moment.  Khristine Hvam’s Kirby Mazrachi, a survivor of Harper’s violence who lives in hope of catching him, is a perfect foil for her deadly prey.  Hvam imbues her reading with a mix of sarcasm and naked sincerity. Though all six readers must impersonate each other at various times, the characters’ voices remain consistently identifiable.  For listeners interested in a violent mystery spanning most of the twentieth century, The Shining Girls is highly recommended.


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