brb 1 week

Don’t expect to hear too much from me for the remainder of the week!  I work every day this week except Thursday, and on Thursday, I will presumably be asleep all day, lol. 

Between now and Sunday, I’ll be racking up 45 hours of work.  Luckily for the bookshop, the work week stops on Saturday, and they don’t have to pay overtime for 39 hours.  Lol.  Anyway, I’ll have a decent paycheck for this week, which is pretty good!

And better yet, I don’t work Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday next week.  It’s not a true vacation, since I have class on Monday and Wednesday, but Tuesday is all mine!  It’s also my birthday, and I am planning on celebrating by going to a movie and having sushi for dins.

All right, friends, I have to go to Target and buy a Batman shirt for work.  (I am not even joking, that’s literally what is about to happen here.)  I’ll see you on the other side of this week!


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