Roommate has a blog now!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn crazy facts about history, you should go check out Born to Work Minimum Wage

Talking history with my roommate is always fun, because our interests are different enough that we’re always reading different things.  Roommate’s historical focus, most days, is pre-20th-century (often really pre-20th-century, lol) history of poor people, women, and anyone else who tends to get left behind by texts more focused on ~sexy~ royals.  My own preference tends to be the history of popular culture, especially music and film, though I also enjoy women’s history and general focus on minorities a lot, too!  I do American history primarily, though, and mostly the 19th and 20th centuries.  So you can imagine how much we enjoy trading factoids from our respective books.  😀

Anyway, this is the start of fun historical things in the Miss-Amy-And-Roommate apartment.  Roommate is currently putting together a Non-Fiction History Book Club with one of the ladies who comes into the cafe frequently.  The idea is to read a different history book each month and meet up to discuss–we’re hoping to start it sometime in the fall, since summer is busy for everyone interested.  More details as we know them, because I am superexcited about it!


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