friday, i’m in love: the smile is the beginning of love

Lots of nice things lately!  Nicest of all, that I’m gonna go to sleep soon, lol–but first, stuff to share.

  • John Oliver’s piece on dietary supplements and Dr. Oz – It’s a pretty long watch, but it’s so worth it.  Quackery of all forms is an interest of mine, and I’m so happy to see other people spreading the word that dietary supplements and vitamins are actually pretty unsafe in a lot of ways!  I didn’t realize Oliver had his own show, but it looks pretty fun for anyone who enjoys The Daily Show.
  • “Shoot Him Down” by Alice Francis – How did I only recently discover the wonders of electro swing?  Turns out it’s an awesome genre, and this song is almost unbearably catchy.  Perfect for a hot summer day.
  • Good hair days – Having ridiculously long hair means that when I get bored, I can do great things with it.  Today, I twisted it up into two braided buns–I was trying to do this, but the bottom bun looked silly on me, so I just wrapped that braid around the middle bun.  I didn’t take any pictures, but I’ll try to remember to do so next time I do something interesting with my hair!
  • My car – Okay, I definitely spent $800 on it today, but it was so worth it.  The engine’s tuned up, the oil’s changed, one of the front lights is replaced, the radio works again, the broken window is replaced, and they figured out that the catalytic converters need to be replaced.  Said catalytic converters are still under warranty (YESSSSSSS), so I’m gonna take it over to the local dealership sometime next week.  The autoshop guy said it should pretty much run like new after that, and I’m really happy about that!  I’ll finally be able to drive places again–the last time Roommate and I tried to take the car somewhere, it refused to do more than about 45 mph on the freeway, which was terrifying.  I’m excited for it to behave again.
  • Air conditioning – Okay, it’s not mine.  But Roommate got a free A/C from a guy who lives in our building, so we set it up in Roommate’s bedroom.  And while the guy we got it from is right that it’s kind of noisy, it’s made Roommate’s room so much more livable.  The heat and humidity was basically making it impossible for Roommate to sleep, and the A/C has basically completely fixed the problem.  SWEET.
  • Great customers at work – Tonight, I helped a woman find useful books for a family member in hospice; said family member is apparently only middle-aged and terrified of dying, and I hope the books I showed her will be a comfort to everyone in her family.  I also had a woman come in with her teenage daughter, looking for V.C. Andrews books.  She and I had the gabbiest of gabfests over them, and not only did I send them home with the Flowers in the Attic/Petals on the Wind omnibus, I ordered My Sweet Audrina for them as well.  The daughter apparently likes reading books where messed-up things happen, and her mother was like, HAVE I GOT AN AUTHOR FOR YOU.  I also showed them The Merciless, that pink exorcism book I was excited about, because even though I disliked the ending, it certainly qualifies as “messed-up things.”  We had a great time, and the mother was like, “wow, I asked exactly the right person this question.”  Stuff like this is why I love my job, even if I wish I made a little more money. 
  • Book malapropisms – I don’t get a lot of them, but I love when I do.  They’re just so cute!  The ones I’ve fielded lately have been requests for the book The Stars are Out of Whack and the author Mary Angela.
  • The latest Lou Reads episode – Lou Reads the Internet for You is one of my favourite podcasts (my other favourites are the F Plus and 99% Invisible), and the story he reads, of a woman’s life married to an obsessive tabletop roleplayer, made me laugh and laugh.  Fair warning, a lot of his other podcasts are gross, depressing, or gross and depressing, but I think this one’s a lot of fun.  (I also think the other ones are fun, too, but I know not everyone likes terrible things as much as me, lol.  And there are definitely Lou Reads episodes I just plain cannot listen to, because some of them really are that gross or creepy.)
  • When cats wiggle their butts before they pounce something – I have literally no idea what Sophie’s trying to pounce on my bed, but my God, is she ever serious about it.  Which is hilarious when you consider that she gets all butt-wiggly in preparation for the strike.

I do have plenty more content planned for the blog, but lately, I’ve been tired and also pretty busy with reading for school.  I have a week off from school next week, though!  So I’ll definitely have time and energy to post some of the things I’ve been thinking about.  (Unfortunately, I do not have a week off from work to go with, but hey, at least I’ll make a little bit of cash, I guess.)

Okay, good night, everyone!  Love you!


One thought on “friday, i’m in love: the smile is the beginning of love

  1. Hi Amy, Glad you had a great week and got your car back in shape. I am working, but I always enjoy reading your blogs, Love Mom

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