friday i’m in love: the most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention.

I’m not as good at giving my attention to others as I should be, but I am trying.  Sometimes it’s hard enough just to pay attention to things like where I’m walking or what I’m doing at work, though.

(So that this feature doesn’t have the same subject line every single week, I’m gonna include a short quotation about love in the title from here on ought.  This one is Thich Nhat Hanh.)

Anyway, it’s Friday, and here are some things I love this week:

  • Lizzie Skurnick Books!  Remember how I said earlier that there was one I forgot last Friday, but I wouldn’t make it a big post all its own?  This is that.  😀  Lizzie Skurnick Books is a publisher that’s reprinting children’s and YA novels from the 20th century.  A lot of the titles are very female-focused.  Most exciting for me is the fact that they’re reissuing all the All-of-a-Kind Family sequels this year!  And the covers are ADORABLE.  LSB basically ties with Haffner Press for “favourite publishing imprint/house” for me now.  What great stuff.
  • The Imaginary Summer Book Club.  Unfortunately, with my Readers Advisory class going full tilt, I don’t have time to pick up anything outside the reading list (and it’s driving me nuts, lol!), but all these titles look fantabulous, and I can’t wait to hear about them.  (I actually have a copy of Please Don’t Eat the Daisies with that cover!  Darn me for not reading it before now.)  I love women’s pictures, old Hollywood, and entertaining book reviews, so I’m gonna be looking forward to hearing about these all summer.  You should check them out, too!
  • The Merciless by Danielle Vega.  Okay, I said I’m not picking up anything outside the reading list, but I might’ve lied.  I happened to take a look at this one by chance at work, and I have to read it.  It’s an apparently gory-as-hell teen thriller in which a military brat befriends the popular girls in her Mississippi high school and gets mixed up in their plot to kidnap and exorcise a classmate.  Best part?  The cover is screaming pink, this phenomenal combination of stereotypical femininity with symbols commonly associated with Satanism.  I LOVE IT.  Anyway, if I can finish listening to The Shining Girls before work on Sunday, then I’m gonna reward myself by purchasing it.
  • Lee & Low Books’ 20 YA Novels for Thinking Adults.  That list is, of course, a response to a Slate article* I’m not going to give extra traffic by linking.  Suffice to say, someone writing for Slate wrote an article about how grown-ups who read YA are dumb, and fuck that shit, it’s incorrect.  (I mean, everyone knows midgrade novels are superior for the fact that they rarely have shittily written romances tacked onto them, but YA novels can be very, very good as well.)  Lee & Low put together a marvelous list of thoughtful, well-written YA novels with diverse casts, and the ones I’ve read, I can heartily recommend!  A nice starting place with some thought-provoking books.  (NB: Roommate has read Stuck in Neutral on the list and says it is fucking terrible, so I guess I would not recommend that one, lol.  Here’s a review (not by Roommate, obvs) that does a good job of outlining why.)
  • My dad.  It’s Father’s Day this Sunday, and I can say with confidence that my dad is the best.  He works so hard, and he doesn’t give up–and he’s kind and funny and bright and, along with my mother, a major influence on my voracious appetite for books.  It was Dad who first read me Island of the Blue Dolphins, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and Alice in Wonderland.  He would tell me he had loved a book as a kid, like King of the Wind, and I would immediately run out to read it myself.  I have always admired his incredible memory for trivia of all sorts, but more than any smarts of his, I think his most admirable quality is his willingness to meet people where they are, whoever they are.  My father can talk to anyone, whether they’re the lowliest person in the room or the loftiest, and he can make them feel at home.  I love you, Dad.

(Now I feel bad that I hadn’t thought this up before Mother’s Day.  SORRY, MUM.  I promise to say nice things at your birthday or next year around Mother’s Day, lol.  I PROMISE YOU ARE GREAT, TOO.  I have the best parents, it’s a fact.)

Anyway, it’s now 11pm, and I have work starting at 7 tomorrow, so I better hie me off to bed.  Good night, Friday!  Good night, readers!

*In case you’re wondering: No, I don’t plan on writing any kind of rebuttal of my own to that Slate article.  I think it’s a silly reactionary piece designed to get clicks from people thinking about YA novels because of The Fault in Our Stars‘ presence in movie theaters across the country.  As such, I also think it’s beneath my notice.


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