Book School – 04.04.13

Gosh, I need to work harder on remembering to update this!  Not so good, Miss Amy.  Not so good.  ♥

Well, one thing I can tell you about is my meeting with my advisor!  We got together over spring break for a short meeting to decide my future.  And now my future is decided for the next three years or so.  Turns out that if you want to get your MLIS and the certifications necessary to be a school librarian, it takes a while.  Especially if you aren’t already certified to teach, as I am not.

But the benefits of being a school librarian have been impressed upon me by her.  It opens up the door to great hours and pay, and it doesn’t disqualify you from applying for work as a public or academic librarian.  And I do love spending time in the company of children–I came into library school with the idea of working in youth services in a public library.  Being a school librarian would have a similar net result.

It’s kind of a scary schedule nonetheless.  I mean, I’ll graduate a scant 2.5 months before my golden birthday.  (Do you know how long I’ve waited to have a golden birthday?  The very idea of being 29 just boggles the mind.)  This is a long time to go before I have a career again, and that’s a little frightening.  But who knows what will happen in that time?  The whole world could change by spring of 2016.  And that’s kind of magical, the thought that there’s all this learning and new experience stretching out before me, just waiting to happen.  However things go, I’m sure it’ll be exciting.

So, without further ado, here’s my class schedule from now until 2016!

Miss Amy’s Library School Schedule

Spring 2013 (right now!)

  • LIS 7010: Introduction to Library Science: This class is pretty fun!  It’s an overview of the world of libraries &cet.
  • LIS 7030: Organization of Knowledge: Feels a bit like the equivalent of a math class in a liberal arts degree, lol–I don’t really enjoy it at all, but once it’s done, I’ll be done with it.  I am just not cut out to be a cataloger.

Summer 2013

  • EDUC 5490: School Health and Chemical Health: Online course about health, I guess? IDK, I wanted to get it out of the way, lol.
  • PSYC ????: General Psychology: So, I have to take two undergrad-level psychology courses, because I didn’t get the requisite courses during my actual undergrad career (I got a 4 on my AP Psych test and passed out).  But you’re not allowed to take undergrad classes with the undergrads at St. Kate’s because ???.  So I have to find a community college to take it at, lol.  I’m hoping I can find an online course of it.

Fall 2013

  • LIS 7040: Information Access Services: This one is an introduction to using reference sources for when patrons come in and ask you something like “How much has the war in Afghanistan costed the United States?” and expect you to know.  I know someone in it now, and she says it’s really good.
  • EDUC 7551: Literacy in the Content Areas – K-12, Secondary: This is my big testing-the-education-waters class!  The description is vague, but it sounds like it’s basically ways to teach children literacy in a variety of subjects.

Spring 2014

  • EDUC 5070: Teachers as Leaders for a Changing Society: It sounds like the Education equivalent of Intro to Library Science.  All-around overview of the subject at hand.
  • EDUC 5090: General Methods: K-12, Secondary: How to plan lesson plans!  How to instruct kids!  Great stuff like that.

Summer 2014

  • LIS 7240: Technology for Teaching and Learning: Overview of technologies used in the school library, how to teach them, stuff like that. The names for these classes are pretty straightforward, lol.
  • PSYC ???: Developmental Psychology: My other undergrad psych class!  I’m a little annoyed at having to take these, since I did both AP Psych and multiple child & development courses in high school, but whatever. 

Fall 2014

  • LIS 7160: Leadership in Theory and Practice: Learn how to be a good library leader!  I guess.  It’s for working on interpersonal communication and stuff.
  • LIS 7210: Library Materials for Children: SO EXCITED FOR THIS CLASS.  It’s about selecting children’s books (& other materials), and you read a bunch of children’s books in the class.

Spring 2015

  • LIS 7220: Library Materials for Young Adults: ALSO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE.  Even though you have to read terrible books like Twilight and The Hunger Games, you presumably read good YA novels, too.
  • LIS 7050: Research Methods for Library Information Science: It’s…about researching stuff?  I’m sure it’ll be useful, if not as exciting as ~Library Materials~.

Summer 2015

  • LIS 7190: Social Justice & Children’s/YA Literature: This is my only elective!  If you’re on the school library track, your schedule is pretty set in stone.  But I am always up for discussing how children’s and YA books interact with our larger world.  Especially when the discussion will (hopefully) be a little more mature than tumblr diatribes.
  • ???: I’m only taking one class this summer, so maybe I’ll try to fit in some volunteering or an internship. 

Fall 2015

  • LIS 7730: School Libraries: Finally a school libraries overview.  Seems like it took long enough, huh?  ^_-  Nah, I think this is a good time to learn all about it–it’ll cover history and structure and functions and stuff like that, rather than the practical side.
  • ???: Again, only one class!

Spring 2016

  • LIS 7250: Curriculum and School Libraries: What kinds of curricula do school libraries use?  How do libraries help meet schoolwide goals related to education?  Stuff like that.
  • LIS 7286: Clinical Experience/Superivsed Student Teaching: STUDENT TEACHING (aaaaaah).  I’ll have to teach 400 hours split among elementary, middle, and high schools.

And then I graduate!  Sprinkled in here are also various tests I have to pass for certification, and the completion of an e-portfolio that shows I learned everything I was supposed to. 


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